Air Mauritius Cancellation Policy | Refund | Cancel Flight Ticket

The most appreciated Air Mauritius flight having headquartered at the Air Mauritius Centre in Port Louis, Mauritius covering both domestic and international routes. Air Mauritius is a 4-star flight with a fleet size of 13 and covers almost 22 destinations offering the best ever services to their customers worldwide.

Air Mauritius Cancellation Policy

While canceling any ticket, the second-most common question comes to our mind the cancellation policy, will it be paid or not, or how much the refund we will get, Here we are mentioning the Air Mauritius cancellation policy So, that you can keep some key points in mind while canceling the ticket.

  • Any passenger can cancel a flight booked on Air Mauritius within 24 hours of the purchase, as per the Air Mauritius Policy and the passenger will get a complete refund for the same.
  • For refundable tickets, the passenger needs to pay some little amount if they wish to cancel Air Mauritius ticket, and the amount will be refunded back in a few days in the form of the original payment made at the time of ticket purchase
  • For non-refundable tickets and you wish to cancel Air Mauritius flight ticket then you will be charged with a cancellation, Any booking made 60 days before the scheduled departure time then no cancellation fee will be charged, but if you cancel your ticket after 60days then you will be charged a minimum amount of cancellation fee.

By following the above steps you will get all required information about the Air Mauritius Cancellation Policy and at any point, if you still have more doubt about it, the get connected with the super active and skilled customer care team, who feels pleasure by helping you and understand your concern and provide you the solution in the stipulated period of time

How to cancel Air Mauritius Flight Ticket

Mauritius is the dream destination of the travelers, as the place has a joyful and scenic view which is breathe taking as any cancellation affects more than the amount. Due to any emergency or any reason if you still want to cancel Air Mauritius flight ticket you have to follow some of the quick steps mentioned below:-

  • Firstly, go to the Air Mauritius website.
  • Then you have to mention the PNR details
  • Now enter your PNR/Booking reference number and your Email ID along with your Last name.
  • You all need to select the Cancel Booking
  • You can choose the Cancel Booking option and proceed.
  • You can also choose the preferred option to cancel.
  • Select your preferred option mentioned on the screen and click on Cancel Booking to proceed

Above are some of the quick and the easy the method through which you can cancel Air Mauritius flight anytime from anywhere without being any sort of trouble.

Air Mauritius Refund Policy

  • Any cancellation made due to bad weather conditions, Air Mauritius is such case take full charges for their mistake and refund your money in the form of the original payment you made at the time of the ticket booking

  • Also, if due to any the reason you are not allowed to board the plane due to any fault or mechanical failure, then also you are eligible for a full refund in the form of the original payment made at the time of ticket booking, you will also get some rewards like a scratch card or a holiday package as a token of apology from the flight side.

Air Mauritius has a very simple Refund Policy, So that while taking any refund, traveler no need to face any trouble, just follow the quick steps if you are claiming the refund from Air Mauritius with the help of 24*7 helpline number and our dedicated professionals take pleasure to help you in refund procedure.

Air Mauritius Cancellation Policy | Refund | Cancel Flight Ticket FAQ