Cathay Pacific Refund And Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel your ticket due to any incident so passengers can cancel their ticket with various mediums but they have to follow Cathay Pacific Airlines Cancellation Policy, otherwise passengers will not get a full refund. If you want to know the accurate information about the cancelation process of Cathay Pacific Airlines so just see the below-given notes.

Easy Steps to Cancel Cathay Pacific Airlines Tickets

Cathay Pacific Airlines offers flexible and very clear cancellation and refund policies to their passengers. The travelers can cancel their ticket through two-way so get full details, just see the following steps:

  • Firstly, just visit the official website of “Cathay Pacific Airlines”.
  • Then, tap on the “Manage” option and choose “Manage Booking” from the list.
  • Now, enter the “Booking Number” &  letter of “Last Name” and then, press the “Find” button.
  • After then, click on the “Cancel Booking” option and tap on the “Confirm” button.
  • Finally, you have canceled your booked ticket and you will get the confirmation via email on your registered email id.

Therefore, your cancellation will successfully be completed from your end but it is recommended to you, before ticket cancellation, you have to read Cathay Pacific Airlines Refund Policy.

Cancel Cathay Pacific Airlines Through Airline Office:

This is another way where passengers can cancel their booked tickets via travel agents or travel office. To get full procedure about the cancellation process, just follow the below-mentioned steps

  • Passengers have to contact the travel agent or airline office by calling.
  • And provide specific information about the ticket such as ticket number, name, and other.
  • Ask them about the Cathay Pacific Airlines Refund Policy and cancellation procedure.

What Is Cathay Pacific Airlines Cancellation Policy?

  • According to the cancellation policy, passengers can cancel their booked tickets before 24 hours from the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • If travelers cancel their ticket after 24 hours from the airline departure time so on that condition, passengers will liable for the cancellation charges.
  • After the cancellation of the booked ticket, passengers can book another ticket with the same account.
  • Cancellation charges will depend on various factors such as distance, time, ticket type, or other.
  • If passengers have successfully canceled their booked ticket so they can claim the refund by submitting the refund request form.
  • This policy will only valid for those passengers who have booked their airline tickets online or travel agents.

Moreover, passengers can easily get a full refund, if they follow the above given Cathay Pacific Airlines Cancellation Policy but if travelers ticket has expired so on that case, no refund will be transferred.

What is Cathay Pacific Airlines Refund Policy?

  • If passengers have a canceled ticket so then the refund amount or total fare will be transferred after 10 to 20 business days and also it will depend on the mode of payment.
  • The refund amount will get on the same respective account which will be used on the duration of the booking.
  • For the refund claim, passengers have to fill the online refund request form.
  • No refund will be transferred for an award ticket.
  • After the cancelation of the ticket, if passengers will not claim a refund as soon as possible so on that, the condition refund amount cancels from the airline.

Thus, passengers can easily claim refund amounts, if they follow the above given Cathay Pacific Airlines Refund Policy steps.

The above-given airline cancellation and refund policy is true and accurate but not fixed because Cathay Pacific Airlines changes its policies from time to time. You can go to the Cathay Pacific official site for more information.

Cathay Pacific Refund And Cancellation Policy FAQ