How To Cancel Etihad Flight

Etihad Airways is one of the flag carrier airlines of the UAE. It has its headquarter in one of the most amazing city in the world, Abu Dhabi. You can find the headquarters of this airline as soon as you come out of the Abu Dhabi International Airport. This airline started its operations in 2003. As of now, it is the second-largest airline in UAE after Emirates. The services provided by this airline attract passengers easily. If you are a regular passenger and looking to know about Etihad cancellation policy and cancellation process then this post is just tailor-made for you.

Ways To Cancel Etihad Flight Ticket

Steps to cancel Etihad flight

  • You need to visit the official website of this airline.
  • You can click on the manage tab and then tap on view or change a booking that you can find just below the manage your booking option.
  • Type the ticket number and last name of the passenger.
  • Hit on the button that says find my booking.
  • Then choose the flight booking you are looking to cancel.
  • Then you will get prompts on your screen to cancel the flight booking, just follow that.

Etihad Cancellation fee

  • If you are canceling the flight within 24 hours of booking it then there are no cancellation charges levied on you.
  • The cancellation fee depends on the route and the type of fare you have opted for.
  • If you are canceling the flight ticket within 96 hours of the scheduled departure of the flight then you have to pay a 10 percent fee for canceling or modifying the flight ticket.

These are the important points regarding cancellation charges of this airline that one needs to keep in mind while canceling the flight ticket. Etihad cancellation fee is very basic when compared to other top airlines that serve passengers all over the world.

How To Get Refund From Etihad

Book a ticket with Etihad Airways and need to cancel the booking due to some unavoidable reasons? The main tension is the loss of the monetary loss of the ticket price. In such a situation, don’t take over stress, after cancellation, you can claim a refund from the airlines. Yes, it’s true, you can claim a refund from the airlines. But make sure that, you are eligible to get a refund. You must read the cancellation and refund policy which makes you understand whether you are eligible to get a refund or not. If you have a doubt about how to get a refund from Etihad? 

Way To Request Refund From Etihad

  • Visit the airline's official site and log in with your credentials like user Id and password.
  • After login, go to the ‘Manage booking section
  • Enter the booking Id and last name of the passengers and click on ‘Continue’
  • The website will display your booking, review the booking 
  • And click on ‘cancel’ 
  • After cancellation, you will be redirected to the refund page.
  • Fill in the all-essential columns and click on the ‘submit’ tab.
  • The airlines will take 14- 30 working days to process the refund.

Hundreds of passengers who want to cancel their ticket with Etihad have a query ‘what is the Etihad refund fee?’ As per Etihad Airways, the refund charges are on an average of $200 depending upon the route, fare class other important factors. Otherwise, the passengers need to pay 10% of the ticket fare if they cancel within 96 hours of the scheduled departure of the flight. Passengers can get a full refund if they cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking and the death of any family member. If you have more queries regarding ‘what is Etihad refund fee can contact its support executives and get details.

Steps To Get Refund From Etihad

  • As per Etihad refund policy, the passenger is eligible to get a full refund if they can cancel the ticket within24 hours of booking.
  • The passenger will get a refund of the partial ticket if the ticket is refundable.
  • If any passenger cancels their booking after 24 hours, they need to pay the cancelation charge which depends upon the route and fare class, and other important factors. 
  • If any traveler cancels a non-refundable ticket, will get the refund amount as a travel credit which can be used for further booking.  

Furthermore, passengers must remember that the 24 hours refund is only eligible for those tickets which are booked at least 5 days before the scheduled departure of the flight. Otherwise, if any tickets are canceled due to the death of a family member or such serious issues, the tickets will be refunded fully. These are all about Etihad Refund Policy.

Etihad Canceled Flight Compensation Policy

If any flight is canceled via the airlines, then passengers are logically eligible to get compensated. The airlines will provide the next subsequent flight for the same destination. If the passengers are not willing to take the flight, can claim a full refund. Indeed, the airlines provide 400 Euro in respect of all flights of 3,500km or less or respectively 600 Euro for more than 3,500km. For more details about Etihad Canceled flight compensation Policy, can contact the customer support executives.

Etihad Customer Service

You can also cancel your flight reservation by visiting the official mobile application of this airline. This application is available in the Google play store for android phones, and the apple store for iOS users. If you were looking to know how to cancel an Etihad flight, then the above steps are the simplest steps for you to follow.

How To Cancel Etihad Flight FAQ