How To Get Refund from TAP Portugal

For the passengers who have recently canceled their ticket with TAP Air Portugal and then they are searching for the answer to the query ‘How to Get Refund from TAP Portugal’? Then the searches end here. This post mentioned the complete details about the TAP airlines flight ticket cancellation refund policy.

Ways To Get Refund From TAP Air Portugal

In spite, you also must know how to get a refund from TAP airline of the canceled booking, when you cancel your traveling plan. If you are agreeing with this fact! Then you should not need to worry. Go with this post, and with the below-given steps, which have covered several important points and the cancellation process that you need to know how you can request a refund of the ticket amount and about TAP Air Refund Policy.

Easy Steps to Get Refund from TAP Portugal:

  • Firstly, open any search engine and then visit the official TAP Portugal Airlines website.
  • You need to log in to your TAP Portugal account via credentials. 
  • Find & locate the refund request form. 
  • Fill out each segment of the refund application form. 
  • Next, where you will need to mention details of your contact information.
  • Tap on the arrow at the bottom of the page and go with the details of flights you have canceled.
  • Then mention the information like flight number, ticket number, and origin and destination.
  • After this, on the last page, you will see the form where you will have to mention the purpose behind the booking cancellation.
  • Then you will see the option such as booking cancellation reason and the attachment option. You will have to remark the payment option; if the payment is done with cash, then you will get the refund amount within 14 days, and if not, and select the online payment mode, then you will get the refund amount in 7 days
  • If you have faced any medical condition or any relative death then you can attach the document it will boost the overall process timing and you will get the refund fast.
  • Tap on the ‘Submit’ option and you will see the warning that the refund process is generated or under review.
  • Help Center. +1 800 931 18 21

How do I get my money back from TAP Air?

If you are thinking about ‘How do I get my money back from TAP Air?’ without any trouble. Then don’t worry.  You need to fill the refund request application form with complete documents, traveler & canceled flight ticket information.

How long does it take for TAP airlines to refund?

You should also know ‘How long does it take for TAP airlines to refund?’ Then the average time to credit the refund is 7- 8 business days for credit and debit card users. Refunds via cash and cheese may take 7-20 business days.

In case, traveler cancels their booking by a third party website or any travel agent then, the refund will take 20 to 25 business days or depending on the payment option which was used for the duration of the flight ticket booking.

How To Get Refund from TAP Portugal FAQ