Iberia Manage Booking | Reschedule | Change Flight

Iberia Airlines operates in major national and international destinations throughout the globe. Say, you have a booking with Iberia airlines, but needs to manage booking due to some reasons; no need to worry at all. Iberia Airlines provides to manage booking options to the travel aspirants. 

Iberia Manage Booking

  • One needs to open the web browser and search for the airline's official website.
  • Visit the official websites of the airline.
  • Now navigate to the Flight tab in the header section of the homepage.
  • Now select the ‘manage my booking’ option.
  • Thereafter, enter the PNR number, which was received during the reservation of itinerary and surname, and hit the tap ‘enter’.
  • Now on the next page, the service provider will be redirected to the account and gain access. 

After the electronic ticket has been issued through the website, one only needs to put the booking code and the surname of the traveler by which the traveler can open the option as Manage Booking where the travel aspirants can:

  • Buy a ticket or cancel reservations made through the website: If one’s reservation was not completed, select any option to buy or cancel the reservation.
  • Status of the booking: once one can check the status of one’s bookings related to flights, times, dates, etc. one can also make a copy of the itinerary and also can email it to other fellow passengers.
  • Change on booking: Changes of dates and flights may only be made up to three hours before the departure and are subject to the ticket fare terms and conditions.

Changes Can Be Made Through Iberia Manage Booking

Book seats or can buy extra baggage also can be done. Change or include traveler contact phone number. Changes to names on reservations of seats and/or tickets are not allowed.

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Special services request: Booking of domestic animals in the cabin, special equipment like sports equipment, wheelchairs, bicycles, etc.

Complete the trip: Take benefit of all the offers and book hotel or transfers with the airline, take out insurance, hire a car or arrange tours, activities, excursions, and much more.

Book special meal: The traveler can ask for a special meal for a 4.5-hours flight for tourist class and 90 minutes for Business class.

However, the reservation officials are always ready to help the passengers. If any of the domestic or overseas passengers face challenges in Iberia Airlines manage booking, he/she is requested to contact the customer care or the sales office of the company and seek help on the matter. Whether you are flying to a domestic destination or overseas destination, you are likely to get a warm welcome by the reservation officials of Iberia.

Iberia Manage Booking | Reschedule | Change Flight FAQ