Interjet Airlines Booking & Reservations

Interjet (4O)
Airline Code: 4O
Reservation Number: +1-888-653-7229

In case you have made up your mind with Interjet Airlines and are looking for guidelines to make reservations in these airlines then you have landed up correctly. This section of the tutorial will guide you with two different ways through which you can make Interjet airline reservations. One is through the toll-free service which is being offered by the certified agents. They will get the bookings quickly done on behalf of the passengers. In such cases, You only need to reach them and offer all the necessary information which is asked by them. The other way through which the bookings can be quickly done is through online or step-by-step procedure. This will need to be self-performed by the passengers in order to make the reservations in this airline. So move down the tutorial and follow the steps as mentioned below in order to quickly complete the Interjet airline booking without any sort of hassles.

Interjet Airlines Flight Reservations Process

  • Ensure that you have a sound internet connection and once that is done then login to the travel portal in which you want to proceed with the booking.
  • After having logged in successfully you will need to locate on to the booking section of the airline and enter the information for booking and click on the Search button.
  • Now from the list of available flights choose the one which suits them best and proceeds with the booking by entering the passenger information.
  • Once all the information has been entered in an effective manner then move on to the payment gateway page and make the desired payment to complete the online booking process in the airline.

Cheap Flight Deals For Interjet Airlines Booking

Are you looking for Interjet airlines cheap deals? Is there something that is hindering or bothering you? If yes, then throw away your worries straightway and keep checking our website at regular intervals as we offer the best deals and offers at regular intervals. In case you want to be notified for the same then you can either register onto our travel portal or simply seek direct assistance from us by dialing our toll-free number and we would offer all the necessary assistance for cheap flight deals in Interjet airlines booking.

Check-in Policy in Interjet airlines

Now that you have booked your ticket in Interjet airlines the next thing which you would want to know about is the check-in policy of the airlines. If that is so then this tutorial will offer you effective guidance with regards to the same. There are basically two ways through which you can check-in in Interjet airlines. One is through online check-in which opens 48 hours prior to departure of the flight and the second option is check-in through the airport for which passengers will need to reach the airport and get the check-in effectively done. For detailed information seek information from our experts who will offer all the necessary guidance with regards to the same.

What Interjet Airlines Baggage Policy Says

Important information that you should keep in your mind. You should certainly be well versed with the Interjet airlines baggage policy before making Interjet Airlines Booking We are here to offer you all the necessary information with regards to the same. Follow the checklist as mentioned below for the baggage policy of the airlines. If you are not getting what you are looking for then please feel free to connect with us on the Interjet airlines booking number and our team of qualified agents would be more than happy to offer you all the necessary assistance and resolve your query without any hassles all through the day and all through the year.

  • One had baggage is what the you can carry along with themselves free of cost. That means you do not have to pay anything extra if they have baggage which is of small size.
  • In case you have baggage that is big in size i.e of more than 12 lbs then in that case charges would be levied depending upon the weight that they are carrying. For exact charges, you can talk to us and we would be able to come up with a specific number.
  • Also for fragile items, the passengers need to intimate when they are checking-in so that it is handled with care when traveling or shifting it to another place.
  • Flammable items are not allowed to be carried along with hand baggage or carry-on baggage. So you need to ensure that they are not carrying at all along with themselves.

Interjet Airlines Pet Policy

If you are in love with your pet and can’t leave them behind when going out for a vacation or personal work then this section of the tutorial will help you out with the same. By going through this section of the tutorial one would be well versed with the Interjet airlines pet policy. Follow the checklist as mentioned below for the Interjet airlines pet policy. If you are not getting what you are looking for then please feel free to connect with us on the Interjet airlines booking number and our team of qualified agents would be more than happy to offer you all the necessary assistance and resolve your query without any hassles all through the day and all through the year.

  • Passengers when planning carries their pets along with them can only carry domestic dogs, cats, and chickens along with them. Apart from this travelers cannot carry any other pets along with them.
  • You will need to fulfill all the criteria of the Kennel when traveling. For detailed information speak to us and we would be able to help you all out on an immediate basis.
  • Apart from all these, you should have all the health documents and doctor certificate approval as you would be asked for the same in the destination address.
  • Charges for the same would vary depending upon the route where you are traveling. Passengers can always speak to us in this regard for any of the queries.  

Know About Interjet Airlines Infant Policy

A baby who is up to 24 months old can fly to any domestic or overseas destination with one paying passenger as long as he/she can sit in the traveler lap. However, it is a good option for a child to ride in a car seat on the flight. The airline management gives this facility to the passengers. If you are keen on enjoying that benefit, you will have to pay full fare for an Interjet airline booking for the baby regardless of age.

If you are traveling with a kid below 24 months, you are supposed to inform the airline management that you are traveling with an infant on your lap. It will be free both on domestic and international trips. If your kid has turned 2 on the trip, a ticket is needed to be purchased by the passenger (parent or another guardian). The air authority will not allow you to sit in the Exit Row with your infant. As per Interjet Airlines infant policy, infant seats are not allowed in the row directly in front of or directly behind an exit. A traveler who is at least 15 years of age is eligible to sit in an Exit Row seat.

If you have booked the ticket with Interjet airlines and want to add/replace/change any travel literary from the booking so it can possible Interjet Airlines Manage Booking option. Just follow the below-presented steps for the entire manage booking process.

Easy Steps to Manage Interjet Airlines Booking

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Interjet airlines using any web browser.
  • Then, tap on the ‘Manage My Booking’ section.
  • Enter the ‘Reservation Number’ & ‘Last Name’ of the traveler.
  • After then, press the ‘Search’ button and find your recent booking.
  • Change or add a travel itinerary and go to the payment option.
  • Make the payment using a convenient payment mode. (If it is applicable)

Moreover, you can simply add various booking itineraries via the above-given Interjet Airlines Manage Booking process but as per the policy, travelers are permitted to change their travel itineraries 24 hours before departure.

Facilities offered by Interjet Airlines Manage Booking

Passengers are allowed to change various booking itineraries on booked flight ticket such as:

Add additional baggage allowances.

Change the check-in process.

Book special and traditional food.

Seat and class upgrade or change.

Refund request and rescheduled flight.

Cancel or change flight booking and many more.

Therefore, you can do various activities on their booking using the Interjet Airlines Manage Booking option. In case, if they are facing any issue to change their booking then, you can directly connect with the Interjet airlines customer service number and take immediate assistance to manage booking.

Interjet Airlines Cancellation Policy

  • Firstly in order to cancel the tickets, you should ensure that the tickets which they have booked are refundable in nature else no point in canceling. Cause in this case you will not get any sort of refund on the canceled ticket.  
  • In case the you are canceling the tickets within 24 hours of booking then in that case passengers can expect 100% of the refund amount.
  • For more information with regards to cancellation connect with us and we would offer all the necessary guidance to resolve the same in one go.

Interjet Airlines Booking & Reservations FAQ

How do I Change my Name on Interjet Reservations

You can follow an online method for a name change on Interjet Airlines Booking that is convenient and time-saving but demand some extra charges.

  • Go to a login page on the official website
  • Click on the ‘My reservations’ section
  • Type your booking no and name
  • Pick your ticket and make changes and continue
  • Make fee payment as per their T&C and submit.
  • They will forward you a modified ticket on your registered E-mail ID or phone number.

How to Check-in with my Interjet Reservations?

Travelers can check-in either through the online or offline process, the flyer can do online check-in 48 hrs before flight departure, online check-in ends 2 hrs before takeoff, however, check-in for domestic flights starts 24 hrs before departure and ends 69 min before takeoff, in case of airport check-in you have to reach airport 2 hours before scheduled departure.