KLM Cancellation Policy

KLM is a world-class airline. Which covers hundreds of destinations across the world. Some of the destinations covered by the KLM are Amsterdam, Cape Town, New York, Lima, Beijing, Johannesburg, and others. You can book a ticket to your travel destination on KLM airlines easily. You can book online and via ticket booking phone number also. Sometimes you have to cancel your flight ticket for some reason. You should know the KLM cancellation policy so that you don’t have to pay unnecessary cancellation charges.

KLM Cancellation Policy in Brief

  • If you cancel your non-refundable flight within 24 hours of booking you may be eligible for a full refund.
  • If you cancel the non-refundable ticket after 24 hours you will have to pay the reservation charges.
  • You are eligible for refunds if you make a booking online and you book a refundable ticket.
  • If you avail of KLM flexibility services you are eligible to make changes 3 times without paying any extra cost.
  • If you book your ticket from a third party then you may not be able to get any refund at all in case of cancellation of the flight.

How to Cancel KLM Airlines Flight

KLM cancellation policy is important to know but when you are clear about it you also need to know how to cancel a KLM ticket. Well, below is the process to cancel your ticket online.

  • First, open the website KLM and then click on the login button. Here you need to enter your user name and password.
  • After log in you need to select the ‘Manage Booking’ tab. Now you will see on your screen empty fields where you need to enter the booking code number with the flight name.
  • After that, you need to select the passenger’s detail. Then click on the ‘Apply’ button and then select the ‘Cancellation’ button.
  • Now you have to select the correct date and time of the cancellation. Now you need to select the flight that you want to cancel.
  • After that click on the ‘Continue’ button and then follow the further on-screen process. You can also apply for a refund here.

KLM Cancel Flight Compensation on Flight Cancellation

Passengers are allowed to submit any claim directly with the KLM airlines website,

There are two types of compensation are available with KLM airlines.

  • KLM flight was canceled
  • KLM airline's flight was delayed.

There are various circumstances when KLM flight can cancel or be delayed such as Due to bad weather, airline strikes, bird strikes, runway closures, heavy rain, or others.

As per the EU rules, passengers can claim compensation for a KLM canceled flight on certain conditions.

  • Passengers need to inform about the cancellation of the KLM flight less than 14 days before the departure.
  • KLM airlines offer an alternate flight, and it will reach a destination more than 4 hours or behind the actual schedule or more 2-3 hours late.
  • If any KLM airlines flight has been canceled then, passengers can claim up to 600 Euros or depending on the flight type. But, in case, the flight has been delayed more than 2 hours from the actual departure time then, passengers can claim the compensation voucher for the meal or dining but, it will depend on the flight or class.

KLM Refund Policy

This is also essential for you to know the KLM refund policy. Below are the situations in which you can apply for a refund:

  • If you cancel your KLM ticket within 24 hours after booking
  • When your flight was canceled and you did not opt for an alternative flight.
  • When you booked a ticket that allows you a refund in case of cancellation. However, a cancellation fee may apply in this situation.
  • If you are flying within Europe on a same-day outgoing and return flight and your flight got delayed by more than 90 minutes.
  • You are flying outside Europe and your KLM flight was delayed more than 3 hours.
  • If there is a situation of the death of the passenger.
  • When you are denied a visa. An administration fee is applicable in this situation.
  • If your connecting KLM flight is delayed by more than 5 hours and you decide not to fly to your final destination.

KLM Cancellation Charges

As per the KLM Cancelation policy, if any passengers want to save their cancellation fee then, cancel their reservation 7 days or 24 hours before the booking or scheduled departure of the flight time.

The cancellation will only accept by the official website of the KLM but the cancellation charges are different and it will consider the distance, duration, class, or other major factors.

If any passenger cancels their booking on the same day then, he/she have to pay around 45 dollars to 125 dollars as KLM Cancellation charges.

After cancellation, the rest of the amount or refund will credit to the same bank account or original payment mode which was used for booking within three to four weeks.

If any passenger is living outside a country such as the USA then, the cancellation charges might be high and the passenger needs to pay 120 dollars as KLM cancellation charges.

In case, any passenger is suffering serious disease, illness, injury, government or military or judicial order then, passengers can cancel their flight before departure of the time and the cancellation charges can be waived off but he/she would submit the important document to the authorized department.

KLM Cancellation Policy FAQ

What are the changes took place on KLM cancellation policy after COVID -19?

KLM Cancellation Policy now says that your ticket can be refunded up to the departure of the first flight. In case your ticket does not allow a refund, you will be provided the voucher valid for 1 year and you are allowed to easily change the date and/or destination of your ticket, regardless of the fare up to the day of departure of the first flight. in case the price of the new ticket is higher than the previous one you need to pay the fare difference.

After Cancellation of my flight can I get my money back?

In the case of fully-paid Flex or Business Class ticket, you are able to get your money back without any penalty. You can also get your money back in few conditions provided below:

If you cancel a flight within 24 hours of booking.
If KLM cancels the flights.
In case flight to Europe is delayed by more than 90 minutes due to this it impacts your flight booking on the same day.
When your intercontinental flight is delayed by 3 hours or at least 3 hrs.
When your co-passenger dies.

Can I rebook my KLM flight intead of cancelling it?

Yes you can, Post COVID KLM allows you to rebook your flight (change your travel dates and/or destination) without paying any penalty.You only have to pay the fare difference in-case new fare is costlier but if your new fare is cheaper the difference in amount will be credited to your account.

What is the canceled Flight compensation of KLM?

As per the regulation of EC 261/2004, the distance has counted between departure & arrival airport and the compensation amount will depend on the distance. There is some standard compensation as per the rules.

  • If the flight has covered a distance up to 1500 KM then, you will get 220 Euros compensations.
  • If the flight has covered the distance between 1500 KM to 3500 KM, then, the passenger will receive up to 350 Euros.
  • If the flight has crossed greater than 3500 KM then, you will receive 530 Euros.