Ryanair Cancellation And Refund Policy

In case, if you don’t know about Ryanair Cancellation Policy, then here’s you can get the complete information.

Generally, every airline follows the cancellation policy 24-hours with free risk. But, to bear in mind that Ryanair Airlines is one of the exceptions that don’t follow such a cancellation policy. The Ryanair airline is only permitting the passenger to cancel its booked flight within 1 month before their scheduled departure for free. Also, the passenger as you will not even take a refund for their Ryanair cancellation.

Ryanair Cancellation Policy and Charges

Whether the traveler as you cancel your flight tickets within 24 hours before your flight scheduled departure or you want your money refunded, then you’ll require to pay a few amount Ryanair booking cancellation fees. The fees vary from $19 to $22 but depending on your routes and flight fare type. Furthermore, all the Ryanair flight fares are non-refundable but you can still claim reimbursement for your canceled flight tickets.

If you’ve booked your flight tickets with Ryanair airline, and now due to any reason you wish to cancel Ryanair tickets! Then don’t worry about it. Here’s mentioned simple steps to cancel Ryanair flight reservation, so follow these steps to do quickly online flight cancellation.

The Process to Cancel Ryanair Tickets

  • Go to the official website of Ryanair in your web browser.
  • Then scroll to the “My Booking” tab at the top-right. 
  • Now log in to your “myRyanair account” by entering your Email and Password. You can use the following ways to log in to the account. Log in with Google or Log in with a Facebook account. Reservation Number & your Email Address
  • After logging in to your account, choose/find your booking which you wish to cancel.
  • Next, scroll down to the bottom side of the cancellation page and then choose the “Cancel” option in order to make your cancelation tickets.
  • Go over the “customer consent page” and then continue “Proceed” to the passenger recognition webpage.
  • Now it’s time to show the reason for canceling your Ryanair flight. Submit a document to support your health issues, in case, if you’re canceling reservations due to any sickness.
  • Then you need to analyze your cancellations and then go to the refund page.
  • Next, you can submit the form "refund request” of cancellation ticket, and then complete on-screen instructions.
  • Then wait for some time for the confirmation. Then you will see a message on the screen to get your refund amount within a few days

Ryanair Refund Policy

According to Ryanair refund policy of cancellation reservation, the passenger requires to give $19 to $22 per ticket as an administration fee for getting their government tax. The ticket must be canceled 1 month before the departure date, for appealing for refunds. No refund is an offer by Ryanair airline if the passengers cancel the flight ticket within 24 hours of buying as they don't follow 24 hours cancellation policy.

In this situation, if the Ryanair airline has canceled a flight due to any reason, then you’re eligible for a refund amount. The airline will possibly have sent you an automated email or phone explaining what your choices are, but it has not up till now completed so, it will do.

Ryanair Flight Change Policy

Need to make a change to your recently booked flight? you can do it easily, However, before this, you should know about the Ryanair change flight policy, which will help you change your flight in the proper way. You can understand this policy by following the instructions below.

Airlines allow passengers to change a flight within 24 hours and up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure.
Changes that come under additional charges will be paid as flight change charges.

Ryanair Flight Cancellation Compensation

When we think of canceling flights with Ryanair, we face many questions and concerns, whether domestic or international. Canceling flights almost always causes havoc in your travel plans, so you'll need to claim compensation for canceled flights and see if Ryanair has the right to cover them.

  • Ryanair must pay up to $700 per person if you cancel a flight with a delayed notice delayed by 3 hours or more.
  • If the covered distance is less than 1500 KM then the compensation will be up to $277.
  • If the covered distance is less than 1500-3500 KM then the compensation will be up to $442.
  • If the Distance covered is beyond 3500 KM then you are entitled to the compensation of approx $540. 

Ryanair Cancellation And Refund Policy FAQ