Virgin Atlantic Cancellation And Refund Policy

Change or cancellation is always difficult. Fortunately, the airlines that provide comfort for passengers Also, Virgin Atlantic Cancellation charges is not as much as the cost of all other airlines.Virgin Atlantic Airlines provides many services to deliver every possible service that is required while traveling. The airline makes it easy and simple to access services through online access.Also, if you plan to cancel and would like to receive a refund for cancellation. When receiving a refund, you must read the Virgin Atlantic refund policy before canceling your flight.

What Virgin Atlantic Cancellation Policy Says

Tickets Cancellation can happen due to numerous reasons Virgin Atlantic Cancellation charges mainly depends upon time of canceling tickets.or which type of tickets you have purchased refundable or non-refundable here you get to know what Virgin Atlantic cancelation policy says

  • Refund amount will be provided or credited in the same manner as the flight was made, in accordance with Virgin Atlantic cancellation policy
  • If you cancel your flight 7 days before your scheduled departure during the first 24 hours of your flight ticket purchase, you can receive a full refund without any additional deductions.
  • On the other hand you have to pay a cancellation fee after 24 hours of booking. Refunds will be calculated based on Virgin Atlantic's cancellation
  • The cancellation fee is deducted from the General Tariff, and within 3 weeks the rest of the amount will be transferred to your account .

Vergin Atlantic Refund Policy

  • You can waive the Virgin Atlantic cancellation fee and, if you provide a doctor's certificate, you may be entitled to a refund of your non-refundable.
  • If airlines theirself cancel the flightsv then you will get the refundon the basis of the travel distance A compensation of 275 USD for the distance is up to 1500 KM, A compensation of 430 USDfor the distance between 1500-3500 KM, A compensation of 430 USD if the distance is more than 3500 KM.

How Do I Cancel My Virgin Atlantic Booking Online?

Follow the below mentioned steps to cancel Virgin atlantic tickets

  • Access Virgin Atlantic Airlines' official website which is
  • On the homepage open the “my booking” section.
  • Here you will  two options as ‘Booking reference’ or ‘eTicket number’ you can either enter a six-digit airline confirmation number  or 13 digits long e-ticket number.
  • Now Choose the ticket for which you want to initiate the cancellation
  • Now hit the ‘cancel’ button.
  • You will get the refund amount according to the original mode of payment.

Hope now  you are aware about Virgin Atlanic Cancellation and Refund policy but Sometimes it may difficult to cancel tickets through the website or through the official mobile application of Virgin Atlantic. You have lots of options such as email, calling a ticket agent or contacting the Virgin Atlantic reservation, as well as visiting the airport counter, etc. to cancel your tickets. Virgin Atlantic allows you to cancel tickets at ticket offices that are present in different regions of the world.


Virgin Atlantic Cancellation And Refund Policy FAQ