How Much Is The Baggage Allowance For Air Arabia

UAE is popular for its luxury airlines like Emirates and Etihad Airways. If you are in UAE and want to avoid paying a huge amount for travelling via air, then Air Arabia is the best low-cost option available in the UAE and the whole Middle-Eastern countries. This airline is not just only a cheap alternative to the luxurious airlines of the UAE but also takes care of every requirement of the passengers like those luxurious airlines. If the questions like how much is the baggage allowance of Air Arabia are making you curious, then this post is just for you.

Air Arabia Baggage Policy

This airline has got strict baggage policy in place. According to the baggage policy of this airline, you need to keep some points in mind that we are going to discuss in this part of the post. The points you need to note are:

  • You are allowed to carry 10 bags maximum. In standard, you are allowed 2 bags and when you are looking for a connecting flight then the maximum number of bags that you are allowed by this airline is 4 bags.
  • The maximum dimensions of the baggage you are allowed to carry with this airline is 62 inches only.
  • If you are curious about maximum weight, then note that you cannot carry more than 23 kilograms of baggage while traveling on a flight of this airline.
  • The bag must be sealed completely.
  • Liquid items more than 100 ml are not allowed, it also includes pastes and gels.
  • If your journey involves transferring via Middle East countries then STEB is necessary. STEB means Secure Tamper-Evident Bag.

Air Arabia excess baggage fees

If you are worried wondering about how much does Air Arabia charge for extra baggage, then you need to stop wondering as this part of the post has covered it. Per bag, you need to pay around 85 USD to 95 USD. This depends on factors like the type of fare, distance, and how many extra bags you brought along with you for the journey. If your bag is overweight, then also you need to pay extra fees that would be added to the excess baggage fees. Just be sure that if the bag's weight crosses 99 lbs, then those bags are not accepted by this airline at all.

Air Arabia Carry-on Policy

While in the case of carry-on luggage you can take one bag with you along with a small backpack, camera bag, or briefcase and that is not an issue. If you want to avoid paying any fee for carry-on luggage, then make sure that the carry-on baggage is not crossing 114 cm in total height, length, and breadth. Just be completely sure and plan your luggage properly by following the baggage allowance policy of this airline. If you have any further queries regarding the Air Arabia baggage policy, you can get in touch with the customer support team of this airline. The customer support team of this airline is always looking forward to solving the issues faced by the passengers concerning this airline.

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